tile-header-2… has remained one of the top choices for homeowners across the world. There are few other materials that are so versatile. Tile can be used for a variety of purposes, but it really shines as a floor covering. Improving your home can be as simple as changing the flooring. Tile is one of the best choices because it offers so many benefits without requiring a lot of maintenance.
Benefits of Tile

What are the benefits to choosing tile? Many homeowners want to know before they exclude hardwood and carpet from their set of choices. Tile has the unique distinction of being one of the most durable hard surfaces. This means that it is nonporous and can withstand a number of wear factors that other floor coverings can’t. Here are some of my favorite reasons to choose tile flooring:

  • Tile can withstand just about anything. Dropping a cigarette, spilling wine, and wearing stilettos are no longer a concern with this floor. Tile’s hard surface can resist wet and dry messes with ease. Dust and pollen will not be absorbed into the surface, making tile a good choice for allergy sufferers. Pet accidents are no problem and can simply be wiped up without any stains or odors. Tile will not burn or freeze, and it is hard to scratch. Sunlight cannot fade its rich colors. There is no chance for track marks or furniture impressions like with carpet and hardwood. This floor’s good looks will endure heavy foot traffic and just about everything else!
  • Tile is easy to care for. This is not a fussy floor covering! Hardwood often needs to be sanded and refinished to maintain its good looks. Carpet needs routine shampooing to remove dirt and odors. Tile needs little more than a mop and soapy water, or a broom for dry debris. There is no need for sealing or shampooing. You can opt to have your grout cleaned, but the necessity for this is rare. A simple routine sprucing will keep tile looking great!
  • Tile offers variety. What often attracts homeowners to tile is how easily it can change the look and feel of your home. Marble and granite natural stone tile will stop guests in their tracks with their elegant look. Ceramic tile is a classic style that meshes well with any decor. Porcelain can make bathrooms and kitchens look bright and clean. You can even mix and match different colored tiles to create mosaics for your floors, walls, and countertops. This product works well indoors and needs no additional sealing for outdoor use.